Eastern Orthodox Iconography

Growing up as  Ukrainian Orthodox, I often looked upon and pondered the icons that were literally everywhere. The composition and actual illustration of these pieces was incredible. This started my fascination with iconography and still to this day fuels it. Hopefully these images will get someone else hooked as well.

Here is a collection of some excellent pieces to give a wide example.

Caviar Harvesting In The Astrakhan Region Of Russia, 1960

These pictures were taken during 1960 in the Soviet Union. Caviar has always been a staple of Eastern European cuisine. The finest caviar being Russian caviar from the Sturgeon.  These pictures show the laborers in the environment getting the cash crop. For more posts like these of the old Soviet days go to the excellent website http://kcmeesha.com/

Photos are provided by Life Magazine

Andri Kyrychok:

This re-post is about a man and his Zenith. I know the feeling owning a 1963 Imperial/Telefunken console type radio. I think it is especially important to note the work done to the interior electrical chassis and very nice orange capacitors to switch out the cardboard ones. I will be posting an article in the coming month about my own radio and the quirks of restoring it, I felt this made a great intro to it. Great job David!

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A while back I picked up an old 1940s Zenith radio.  It uses vacuum tubes unlike radios today.  Of course when I found mine it didn’t work and was well worn.  Here’s a pic of it when I bought it.  The wood veneer had been damaged in multiple places and it appeared that the edge had suffered a little water damage.  The wooden “feet” that are supposed to stick out at the bottom had both been broken.  One of the knobs was missing and the other damaged.  The translucent yellow wheels rotate separately from the black knobs.  The knob’s function on the left is on/off and volume.  The wheel on the left adjusts the tone of the radio which seems to just increase the treble slightly.  On the other side, the knob adjusts the tuning frequency and the wheel adjusts the band.

Here’s a close up of the right hand…

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Sunrise At Minot Ledge Light, Scituate, Massachusetts

Sunrise at Minot Light. Photo taken by Jean Milch. Provided via the “Visit Massachusetts” Facebook page.

Eye Catching Japanese Man Hole Covers? You Bet!

The japanese have a unique spin on everything and manhole covers is no exception. Some truly excellent pieces of artwork are depicted on manhole covers all over the cities in Japan. There is an extensive collection at http://www.flickr.com/groups/japanese_manhole_covers/pool/. Check them out, you will be glad you did!

Andri Kyrychok:

Some interesting facts about a very unique historical achievement in our world.

Originally posted on NewsFeed:

Kate Springer

While digging a well near Mount Li in Shaanxi, China, in 1974, a farmer stumbled upon one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of the century: the tomb of Qin Shi Huang Di, an Emperor who died in 210 B.C. and was buried with a terra-cotta entourage. Since then, archaeologists have spent the past 40 years carefully uncovering the life-size warriors from 22 sq. mi. (57 sq km) of earth-and-wood pits.

So far, excavations at the Museum of the Terracotta Army, located roughly 25 miles (40 km) east of Xi’an, have unearthed about 2,000 of the 6,000 figures thought to exist. Alongside the subterranean army lie horses, chariots, weaponry — even acrobats meant to entertain Emperor Qin in death. Scholars say the warriors were buried with China’s first Emperor to protect him in the afterlife and were never meant to be seen. Today, this so-called eighth wonder of…

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Brilliant Cityscapes

Here is a great collection of cityscape walls/images as was requested a while ago. Enjoy!


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