Eerie Eleanor Slater Hospital (Zambarano), My Trip

I grew up on Wallum Lake in Douglas, MA and always was intrigued by the little mental hospital on the south side of the lake (Rhode Island Side). The hospital is always clearly visible by way of a water tower which rises high above the tree line. I rode my bike through the hospital grounds as a kid and listened to stories of the place being haunted for many years. In fact for a long time it was used as a Tuberculosis hospital. The environment of Wallum Lake was deemed beneficial to afflicted patients. Anyway on to my last visit recently…..

I arrived on a blustery, cold fall day. The hospital always gives off such a lonesome aura. I finished my set in 15 minutes but just before I did a security guard managed to catch me saying “I don’t think the state would like you taking pictures”. Well I did indeed already take some and here they are. Note the radiation/fallout sign on the hospital.


3 Responses

  1. I was a resident at the Providence Center rehab which is in the building where the nurses slept that worked at the hospital when it was the tuberculosis place. there are tunnels under all those buildings,…they are all connected. We used to explore all the abandoned buildings,…they are not empty. They are full of all old obsolete medical equipment,…beds, wheelchairs etc,etc….wicked creepy,……..tthere is an underground morgue and crematorium,…. that place is DEFINITLY haunted,….I don’t go in for all that shit,….but I know what I heard and saw…….

  2. My grandmother was a patient there for about 10 years during the late 60’s and early 70’s. It appeared to be a very nice hospital.

  3. My father was there from 2011 to 2012 only having Diabetes…..6 months later after arriving there they diagnosed him having T.B. and kidney failure?….I had many disputes wih them Dr.s…then he slipped and fell and had a brain leakage?..and Dementia …..Too make a long story short he never recovered only 1year there he was walking and talking and and now he has passed!… God Bless You Dad!!!..I finally got you Home from there and you gave me 3 days of glory with you!!!…..Mike R….passed away 10/26/2012…R.I.P. DAD I WILL MISS YOU FOREVER!!@

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