Pictures From The Ghost Town Of Bara Hack, Pomfret, CT

In August of this year my exploratory team and I took a trip south to Pomfret, CT to see the much fabled ghost town of Bara Hack. It was a early Welsh settlement that was abandoned in the early 1900’s. Here is an excerpt from –

“The name “Bara-Hack” is associated with Harry Chase, a local Pomfret historian/recluse who claimed the village was so named.  There is no evidence that the Higginbothams named their little two home village “Bara-Hack”.  It sounds more scary than the “Higginbotham’s abandoned settlement” though.  Using a Welsh to English language converter: bara= bread, drylliad= breaking, torri= to break, tor= break, and hac=cut, notch, or hack.  Thus Bara Hac=cut bread.  The Higginbothams were of Welsh descent so they must have “cut bread” there, but most likely would not have named their settlement Bara Hac.

On August 30th, 1971 three Rhode Island parapsychology students visited “Bara-Hack” looking for evidence to verify whether or not the rumors of its’ haunting were true.  They met with Harry Chase and went to the Lost Village. They encountered the following: a sense of depression when entering the area, constant barking of dogs, lowing of cows, strange human voices, and a complete absence of birds.  They explored for a couple of hours and came back at night.  They heard spooky voices coming from the Nightingale Brook.  They came back October 30th and 31st with more investigators.  They lost their way walking towards the burying ground even though they had been there before.  One of their new team members became frozen in place on the trail and could not be physically moved by anyone there towards the direction of the cemetery.  One of the investigators wrote about the experience in a book called Faces at the Window, Paul F. Eno, 1998. The premise for the Blair Witch Project is thought to come from the accounts of this “investigation”.

The Lost Village or Bara Hac is located in a hilly area surrounded by many brooks and streams, voices and other sounds carry for miles in these areas.  There are still even today working dairy farms and hobby farms in Pomfret which is part of the Last Green Valley.  Pomfret is a rural area and as such almost everyone has dogs and other animals.  Since much of Pomfret and Windham County is a National Heritage Corridor and the Last Green Valley much of the land is protected from development.  There are coyotes, fisher cats, bobcats, black bear, and recent sightings and tracks from mountain lions.  A common sign of a predator being in the area is an absence of normal forest noises, a strange stillness devoid of sound.

The Lost Village is located on private property and may soon be open to the public because there is such an interest.  The area is currently being logged and the forest thinned out.  You still need permission to go there, and I suggest not going as the area is closely watched.  There are no town police in this part of Connecticut, but there are plenty of shotguns.  The owner has written a book based on her own research into the Higginbothams life and death in Pomfret.  The Lost Village of the Higginbothams, Doris B. Townshend, Vantage Press, NY, 1991. The book is a historical fictional novel based on  facts the author was able to uncover and is a good fast read that provides an intimate look into 18th and 19th century rural colonial life.

I am a Pomfret resident and have been to Bara Hac many times including after sunset and have never encountered anything unexplainable.  My family came over on the Mayflower in 1620, and has lived in the Eastern part of Connecticut since 1637.  I have spent a good portion of my life exploring the New England forests and countryside.  Even scarier than Bara Hac… I live on Pomfret’s very own Witches Hill.  Suspected witches were put to death in Connecticut before the Salem Witch Trials ever happened.  Unfortunately, nothing even remotely paranormal has happened here either.  ”

I managed to get some great pictures and was intrigued by the place and its tranquility. Quite a remarkable place. Especially the face carving on the rock. Again from –

“Such stone carvings are called petroglyphs by archeologists.  Many of these stone carvings have been found out west in Indian territory, and are thought to have been carved thousands of years ago.  Others were found to be of more recent Indian history of 200 to 300 years ago.  The age of a carved stone is it’s biggest mystery.  Some carvings are signify sacred sights, and tributes to great spirits of long ago.  Other carvings have been found near burial sights, and as tributes to ancient leaders.  Others may simply be directional markers. ”

Here are the pics……


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  1. Who does one see in order to peacefully hike through Bara Hack?

    • ur a cornball man , sneakin in is all part of the fun and adds to the experience …i despise people like you

      • “Cornball?” What century r u from lol… You “despise” people like me? You need a spanking!

  2. You would first have to find who owns the property. This can be determined by going to Pomfret or equivalent town hall and looking it up. Otherwise I would say go at your own risk. I went a couple years ago and had a very peaceful visit there. Make sure you respect others property! This is a historical treasure.

  3. Thanks for the reply!!

  4. “Bara-Hack” translates to “the breaking of bread,” as in communion. The stone carvings appeared recently. These are an instance of vandalism, not history. I would not believe much of what you read on, there are so many errors! You should pick up a copy of Folklore and Firesides of Pomfret, Hampton and Vicinity from Amazon, Ebay, Wonderland Books or the town library. You’ll find a bit more information about Bara-Hack and enough stories about the rest of town to make this place seem like a snore!

    Geologically speaking, the land around Bara-Hack forms a bowl, causing unusually echos and sound reverberation. I have experienced some truly unusual things in Bara-Hack though. There is truly something unique about those woods.

    One time a friend and I were walking on the main path and a large black object swept across the path in front of us. It was the size of a blanket, but was weightless and faster than a human could move. It didn’t make contact with the ground.

    Another time a deflated metallic balloon was lying on the leaves in the woods. I went home and the next morning my mother sent me outside to investigate an object stuck in an oak tree behind our house (a mile or two from Bara-Hack). On my way towards the object it dropped from the tree. It was the metallic balloon, with the same yellow ribbon. To make it worse it had a smiley face on it. I know it sounds ridiculous, and I know they could have both been part of a recently released bouquet of balloons, but it still sent strong shivers round my body.

    I don’t believe in “ghosts” or “THE unexplained,” but I do believe that trying to explain everything is just as absurd.

  5. I am looking to go to Bara-Hack and document it for myself but need someone thats’ been there to show me the way and get me the contact info I would need to get in. I’ve been in the area twice and have stumbled upon an area that may or may not be related to this one and would love to share my findings. You can reach me at I live in Putnam, CT and am the founder of NEST (New England Spiritual Team). Thanks in advance.

  6. I grew up right down the road and our property basically went past the bridge over the brook. As a 15 year old teenager I skipped school one day and stumbled onto Lost Villiage. I had an amazing experience that day and then later that night went and saw our family friend Henry Chase.
    I will be the eighth generation on my mother’s side that have lived in Pomfret/Abington. She married my father Alfred Arnold and I was born on Mashomoquet Farm. In Nipmunck Indian it means “Good Fishing.”
    I have had many many experiences there and also a very powerful paranormal experience with 3 others one night that I am currently working on for a Documentary. The movie is based on my real experience living so close to Lost Village. I hope I will be able to meet you when I come back to CT in the next month. I reside in Santa FE, New Mexico. An extrodinary experience all four of us had got me heavily into psychology & spirituality. I even built a cedar house on the road to commemorate this incredible and wonderful experience we all had one evening.
    I have two Master’s in Jungian Psychology; a Dr. in Divinity and became a registered psychotherapist in New Mexico for over 15 years,mostly for the reasons you will see when the Documentary will be finished. Right now the working title is “Finally the Truth.”

    • i used to go there every fall with my best friend’s family. it was our fall outing. cool place. my friend used to live at the 4 h camp as well. i’d love to go visit that place again and take some pics. just not sure how to get permission to visit. i understand that it is a historical landmark and should not be vandalised but i remember it as being such a peaceful place and would love to go

  7. I will be working on a Documentary at Lost Village because I grew up down the road and found it again when I was 15 years old. I have gone there numerable times and really need to tell my story because one night four of my friends and family had an extraordinary, paranormal experience that now needs to be told on film. I will be coming from New Mexico where I live in the next month to do the Documentary. I hope you will contact me while I am there.
    I became a minister,pycho-therapist & Dr. of Divinity probably because of my experiences in Lost Villiage and our farm down the road. They were very profound and it is time to reveal it.
    I will be the eighth generation of my family who has lived in Pomfret/Abington. I am looking forward to this project.

  8. dremoto who is your mayflower decendent I too live in pomfret and am a mayflower decendent

  9. dremoto,
    Just an FYI this property is not going to be open to the public.

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