Highly interesting video supposedly shot in the ghost town of Dudleytown, CT

I came across this video a couple of months ago and I still think back to it now and then. The shadow in the later part of the video is the obvious spook but my wife feels there is yet another occurrence happening around the same time on the video. The guy narrating is definitely was a British citizen at one time which raises the question of the validity location of the video. Britain or Connecticut? Not that the British don’t live around us, just too many loose ends. I don’t know what to make of it but its so damn intriguing. If it is real I wonder how many of these “shadow people” are really out there. Check it and comment on what you think.

8 Responses

  1. It is a very interesting video,it seems as though the “shadowy” figure is somewhat transparent,almost like the “Predator” movies,when he changes to invisible.However the Shadowy figure is not fully invisible,it seems to have a “blur” to itself.

  2. Difficult to really make out the shape or shapes of the shadows. I noticed one thing, watch the pine tree in the center near the end of the of the shadow walk, you can make out possible hands and or legs moving by the front of the tree; and there are possibly two figures which walk passed the tree. Makes one wonder!

  3. The video is a complete hoax. The woods in the video are not even close to the vegitation of Cornwall CT. Also, the main factor is that the person who shot the video is named pakistanni and if you view his other videos on youtube you’ll see he has great skill in film production.

  4. This video is no hoax,and i lived not far from dudley town back in 1973 i lived in warren CT at the time you could walk right into dudley town and me and my friends did,And i’ll never,ever go back ,it was terrible.If you look at the video the dark figure comes up from the ground,and there are alot of ppl who are Britts who live in Ct.And those woods? is dudley town

  5. Holl’ie shit Batman I saw something move and it was’nt Batgirl’s tittie’s .

  6. This is a complete fake. Notice how not a single leaf or tree is moving! It’s a background. It’s amazing how eager people are to believe.

  7. First of all he says “I’ve got it on video, I’ll show you when you get back.” So, HOW does he know it even recorded onto video? Also, right before the shadow goes across you hear his breathing escalate as if he is expecting it to happen.

    Brits are in CT and yes, that looks like it could have been northwestern CT vegetation. I have been into Dudleytown, back when it was still legal to do so. Nothing happened but some of the people I was with were very creepy. If I hadn’t been with a pastor, I wouldn’t have gone in. Overblown legend and very dark wooded forest. That’s all.

    • he says “ive got it on video” because he saw it, while he was recording….his breathing escalates because he ran to an upstairs room, for a different vantage point, you can hear his footsteps and if you actually watch the video without preconcieved notions, you will see that. If i were watching someothing like that thru the eye of acamera i would assume that it is on camera….

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