The Glamorous Skoda Limousine Made By Craftsmen In Czechoslovakia (Repost)

I rarely do a “copy and paste” re post, but I really feel the author of this page, did a great job with it. Check out the orange carpet inside and surround sound system. Truly at the top its class, whatever that is. I was laughing for a while.

Skoda Limousine
Czech technology for those with champagne tastes on a beer belly budget!
Skoda looks to attract young buyers with stylish Czech Limo…

Introducing the Skoda Limousine!

A line of incomparable purity…

The work of master craftsmen…

Truly panoramic glass sunroof…

A real statement when you arrive…

21st Century engine technology…

An elegance of a bygone era…

The ultimate in interior class…

State of the art multimedia & surround sound system…

A dashboard to make James Bond envious!

4 Responses

  1. What a funky looking limo..LMAO

  2. Where can i get one? This is excellent!

  3. Cool share!Also I liked this blog’s layout.You will surely see me around your blog quite often as I like improving my knowledge.

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