Top 10 Commonly Believed Marijuana Myths/Legends


Listed below are the top 10 most believed myths as compiled by

1. There are hundreds of compounds/chemicals in marijuana-There are approximately 400, compared to a tomato that has roughly 330.

2. It is stronger today which makes it more dangerous- The marijuana has not become stronger.

3. As a plant the dosage cannot be controlled- Prior to the marijuana prohibition when pharmaceutical companies created extracts and tinctures of cannabis, they were able to provide fairly uniform preparations.

4. Smoking marijuana is what makes it dangerous- Higher potency of marijuana will also allow patients to smoke less to achieve a therapeutic dose without the risk of overdose.

5. Marijuana Destroys the immune system- There is no conclusive evidence that demonstrates harm to the immune system when used in therapeutic doses for humans.

6. It is highly addictive- Compared to other commonly used psychoactive drugs, marijuana is not highly addictive and has a low abuse potential.

7. Marijuana is a gateway drug-The 1999 report by the Institute of Medicine finds that, “There is no evidence that marijuana serves as a stepping stone on the basis of its particular drug effect.”

8. Use during pregnancy can cause damage to the fetus- Studies by Melanie Dreher, PhD, RN conducted in Jamaica and Dr. Peter Fried in Canada show minimal effects on the fetus during pregnancy.

9. A marijuana pill is available and completely legal- MarinolÒ is a synthetic form of THC, the pure psychoactive chemical in marijuana.

10. Medical use send the message to teens that it is not dangerous and encourages usage- Reports from teens have indicated that it is easier for them to obtain illegal marijuana than it is to obtain regulated alcohol or prescription drug.

4 Responses

  1. HA!..overdosing on marijuana thats a laugher.

  2. I’ve been using marijuana for over 30 years on a near daily basis (I’ve stopped when unwell or in hospital). While I can accept it is not entirely harmless, it is far less harmful than many would have us believe. Importantly, for many it can bring enormous benefits – legalise now

  3. Its true that marijuana the plant has not gotten stronger, however, technology has allowed us to breed plants with more THC, which makes them more potent.

  4. FUCKEN LEGALIZE IT. Or not… I’ll still smoke it.

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