New York City Restaurant To Release 140 Year Old Lobster To Maine Waters


On Saturday the Halu Japanese Restaurant & Grill in Brooklyn will be releasing a very famous crustacean indeed. The PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) had been asked by the restaurant to return the lobster to its native Maine waters where it will be released into freedom. Peta has been campaigning to liberate restaurant lobsters and save them from being thrown alive in a pot of boiling water. According to invertebrate zoologist Jaren Horsley, lobsters have a “sophisticated nervous system” and feel “a great deal of pain” when cut or cooked alive.

I as a resident of Maine believe a 140 year old lobster would not taste good anyway. The PETA has been going overboard for a long time and this is no exception. To open the door to these arguments would be an open invitation to save cows, chickens or any other “meat”. Lobster is meant to be enjoyed and boiling them is the most humane way of killing. These people need to tend to their own lives and stop judging others.


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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Check out this video I took at the International Boston Seafood Show of a salesman from a company trying to sell a machine that electrocutes lobsters because it is supposed to be somehow more humane-

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