Fact Meets Fiction in Western Maine

“West (Maine) Side Story: Tall Tales Fit for a King”

When most of us think of Maine, we picture coastal fishing villages, preppy island resorts, and vintage lighthouses. A tour of Western Maine is a lakeland and forest adventure in a region full of real and imaginary ties to novelist Stephen King. Bridgton, where King raised his children, became the town of “Castle Rock” in his stories. The writer summers on Lake Kezar (Dark Score Lake in the book “Bag of Bones”). Less than an hour from Portland, thousands visit this region to canoe, take in the fall foliage, or ski. One may also track down King’s sources of inspiration.

Stephen King is from Durham, Maine, and is perhaps the state’s best-known native son. Whether a King fan or not, a southwestern tour of the state offers attractions for everyone- skiing at Sugarloaf or Sunday River, great local antiques and craft shops, romantic lakefront bed and breakfasts, and steamboat rides on the Songo River. The other story is told by King in his thrillers, and the locals whose lives surround him.

The whole story can be found here….http://www.igougo.com/story-s1227101-Maine-Fact_Meets_Fiction_in_Western_Maine.html


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