Gulf UFO’s Adding Up To A Big Mystery

Something is happening in the Naples/Marco Island area of Florida………I am an avid listener of the Coast to Coast radio program with George Noory, and during the course of the last year became acquainted with the events unfolding in Western coastal Florida. Linda Moulton Howe ( reported that scores of people were reporting lights and gyroscope looking objects rising out of the water and staying airborne for hours, hovered. They even sometimes maneuvered in impossible ways! These reports were backed up by public officials such as firefighting and police detachments.

My question. Where is the major media coverage this story deserves? Where are the major networks? ABC, NBC, CBS,CNN,FOX??????? This is a truly unknown phenomena which deserves some research in its direction. These reports are continuing with this phenomena in no sign of stopping. Residents have even been known to watch it till daybreak. The following gallery are pictures I have collected in my research of the Marco Island/Isle Of Capri events. Take a look and see if this visited you every night, would you speak up and tell the world?

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