Mass Incarceration


2 Responses

  1. So what does that say about our society? Should we now alter and lower our moral standards just to allow the easement of capital punishment? Should we consider the remission of all acts against a civil people to justify applying less of a burden on the guilty? Or should we follow the words of our ancestors and brethren who by their own words had determine their moral compass.

  2. It’s just a call to action to find a solution to get away from the “lenient idiocy” that got us here. We pile the jails full because we cant light them up (execute) in every state due to capital punishment laws. True hardcore felons need to be terminated.

    The justice system has to tighten up as well. There have been some seriously unfair judgements against people going to death row. Until we figure that out we cant increase the use of capital punishment to clear all the cons out.

    Also, the number of non-violent crimes that people are put away for significant time is staggering. Just for marijuana alone its a substantial ratio, and that’s not even the people dealing the drugs. We need to readjust our treatment of certain crimes. This is not a corruption of moral standards either. Its more balancing. Much like the witch trials of Salem and the amendments to law that followed.

    Never allow our moral standards to be sacrificed in that arena. Its bad enough with the breakdown of ethics we are dealing with now. Our forefathers had it right, and they used to hang em.

    In one sentence “the whole thing needs an overhaul”

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