Historical Backgrounds Of Massachsuetts Place Names


Night Shift 1911

Maine Lost Towns

I have spent 2 years so far reaching into the remotest areas of Western Maine to find towns that not just anybody travels through. These places offer great intrigue to me from their historical value. I put together a gallery of some of my work so far.

The Hemlock Bridge Of Fryeburg, ME

Tucked away in a spot of the Fryeburg woods in Maine is a living relic of the bygone past. Known as the “Hemlock Bridge”, it is the oldest Paddleford Truss System bridge in the state of Maine. Maine once had many covered bridges and know only lays claim to 8. The beauty of this bridge is not even the bridge itself but its great surroundings. Bordered by fields on two sides and wood on one the site sits on a once very important road. Now the area is all but abandoned, the road does not even get winter maitenance. It is because of this that the bridge has been preserved to the point it is now. Nothing can explain the calm and serenity associated with the bridge and the surrounding area. One can only visit to see.

Abandoned Maine

I myself work as a delivery driver here in the state of Maine. It allows me to see the countryside and all that it holds. A mainstay of the landscape here are abandoned buildings of all sorts. Some have been abandoned what seems 100 years. They can be anywhere, center of town, middle of the woods, they are everywhere. Here are some that I have saved. Check them out.

The Madison Boulder



One of the largest glacial erratics in the world resides in the quiet mountain town of Madison, New Hampshire

Flashback To The 1931 Maine Central Railroad Schedule


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