Bar Wizard From Ukraine Wows Judges

A world class bar man from Ukraine on “Ukraine’s Got Talent”. He does infact have talent.

What A Waterfall!

This photo was taken from Chang Jiang on The Yangtze River in China. Amazing number of “sub” falls in the whole group. One of the most awe inspiring I have seen to date.


Silo Home To Protect You From Thermonuclear Attack For Only 1.75 Million Dollars!

As the world gets crazier so do the homes we live in. This “silo” home is currently on the market for 1.75 million. Pocket change for a silo that took millions to build. Located in the Adirondack’s in upstate New York it is perfectly placed for seclusion. Especially when you  have hoards of mutants running around outside……….

Check out for more info and purchasing.

Mirror Image

Oldest Known Tornado Photograph

Shot Of The Mexican Border

The shot above was taken on the San Diego/Tijuana border. Amazing contrast between two urban metro area’s.

Chum Buddy Sleeping Bag Gets You Personal With Your Fishy Friend

This sleeping bag is sure to please any aquatic oriented person. Rough on the price tag though. Cheers for the concept!

Find it here


Personable Polar Bears

Maybe…The Cutest Bunny Ever


A interesting concept on the drawing board….






































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