Complete Ammunition Guide


Spot The Difference

Thanks to Rosemary Hattersley in The Complete Guide To Android for this spot on comparrison of the rising Android system and the various “i” systems out there (iPad)


The Atrocity That Is Mac Products

As Android and Windows tablet pc’s take over the market its always fun to look back at how bad Apple’s technology for price is.






Concept Cars From The Asian Rim

A Boat Built To Sink

Wonders never cease. Artist Julien Berthier, obviously an artist of boats, built a ship looking like its perpetually sinking. It has a fully functional and shipshape bottom. One can only imagine the price it was to put it into fabrication. Here are some excellent photos of it as well as a picture of it docked in a marina (hillarious).


Amazing New Site, Tag Galaxy!

An amazing new site that lets you explore and find pictures in a unique, 3-d way. Truly a future look at what our new tech will be like.

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