Massachusetts Decriminalizes Marijuana


In the recent November election here in Massachusetts was given a choice in the form of question #2. This was one of 3 questions posed. This was an amendment to state laws ending the decades old law of jailing people for possessing marijuana in favor a deliverance of a $100 fine instead and confiscation of the substance under an ounce. In a much surprising fashion the question was passed with a 65% majority. The law will be instated sometime between December 4th-late December. During this time the always vigilant “state” will have the ability to “fine tune” it.

This was a victory for both the people of Massachusetts and the advancement of forward thinking in this state.The state has been largely Democratic since the legacy of the Kennedy’s. An annual festival is held on Boston Common every third week in September termed “The Hempfest” or “Freedom Fest”, a strange mix of horseback police and freely smoking citizens. Its people en-masse at its finest. A true power of the people. More liberal policies are being adapted with Gov. Duval Patrick and my forecast is for it not to be changing anytime soon. Massachusetts is well on the way to cracking down on real drug users and criminal and leave ordinary citizens alone.

There have been many victories recently in line with Massachusetts happening all around the country at this moment. Michigan had a similar law passed as well as other states with laws in legislation. Even our President- Elect Obama has a forward thinking policy on cannabis and i believe will himself change federal laws regarding it. Atleast its the best chance of it there has been in a long time. Hard headed Bush would never see fit to install any of these policies in his “Christian America” The change has been coming for a long time.  Soon everyone in our country wont have to go to jail simply for possesing a plant that god himself made and is far safer than alcohol. As the plant is regaining new found popularity more research is being done everyday. More uses and benefits are discovered and the general stigma of the “harmful reefer” is erased.

I myself have consumed marijuana from time to time in my life and have found it to be a far more useful experience than that of alcohol. I have given up drinking alcohol for about 4 years now and not for any addiction or missuse, just the ill effects it induces. I cannot bear to drink and feel, tired, headache, groggy, disspondent, nauseus..etc… I trully cannot understand people who drink or drink excessively. I enjoy a nice whisky on the rocks just like any guy, my favorite was always Crown Royal. I just weigh the effects and make the obvious choice to cannabis over alcohol. Cannabis gives none of these feelings. In fact the only major side effect is a large appetite.

In my life anyway things have changed and me and my family are homesteading in Maine, another forward thinking state with a similar policy towars marijuana. Actually its neighbor to the north Canada has a very liberal policy ans their goverment for many years have been ending the prohibition of marijuana. As I said before I only hope that the United States can follow suit. The money from a future tax and commercialization of marijuana as cigarettes are now or the Amsterdam Coffee- Shop  model would pay for the real drug war against hardened drug dealers of crack, methamphetimines and opiates. I only hope this country is ready to take this big step in the right direction towards a policy against marijuana that is far outdated.


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