Branded Babies?



Personable Polar Bears

Maybe…The Cutest Bunny Ever

Its A Baby Boy!

For 5 months now my wife and I have been under the impression after our first ultrasound, that our child-to-be was a girl. Now 4 weeks before she is due it has became a he. Oh my how that changes things. Sadly my wife has already had her baby shower and we are in possesion of some of the finest girl baby clothes and baby-equipment money can buy. Luckily most is from Walmart so exchange will be easy. Here are the ultrasound pics that changed everything.

Update 12/16 – My wife still hasnt given birth yet, but we do have a name for our son, Adin Noel Kyrychok. My wife was very sad over the fact that she was prepared to have a daughter, Sofia. She wants to try for one in the future. I told her the distant future…….

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