Eye Catching Japanese Man Hole Covers? You Bet!

The japanese have a unique spin on everything and manhole covers is no exception. Some truly excellent pieces of artwork are depicted on manhole covers all over the cities in Japan. There is an extensive collection at http://www.flickr.com/groups/japanese_manhole_covers/pool/. Check them out, you will be glad you did!

Slavche Tanevski Wow’s With Lamborghini Ankonian

Lamborghini has done something good. Very good. They let a very talented artist bring the design element of cars to the extreme. Slavche Tanevski is his name and the Ankonian is his game. Here are some early release pictures of a concept that is going to change things overseas. Good to see the new face of Lamborghini.

The Coming Design Wave From Brazil Fueled By Marcio Kogan

Classes Of Koi Fish

I have embarked on the wonderful world of owning and caring for Koi fish. A beautiful, graceful and forceful fish with the most incredible style. The Koi in many Asian cultures represents balance as two fish swim circling one another. You can clearly see how these amazing fish have come to garner such importance when you own one. Here is a chart showing each unique type of Koi. Maybe you will consider one of these amazing fish for your own life.


Thanks to forever-mango.com for the great chart!

Entries In The 1000 Pound Design Challenge

Cadillac Aero

Honda Air

Volvo Air Motion

Nissan IV

Leonardo Da Vinci’s Eye

A Smart Solution To A Storage Problem

Levitate Architects based in London came up with an amazing solution for a man who had a library of books and no space. Excellent aesthetic appeal as well as opening up a large amount of space.

Concept Cars From The Asian Rim

A Boat Built To Sink

Wonders never cease. Artist Julien Berthier, obviously an artist of boats, built a ship looking like its perpetually sinking. It has a fully functional and shipshape bottom. One can only imagine the price it was to put it into fabrication. Here are some excellent photos of it as well as a picture of it docked in a marina (hillarious).


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