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ALDI Supermarket, A Godsend


I live in Massachusetts. I just wanted to sing a couple words of praise about a grocery chain that has opened a store in my town. ALDI is a game changer. Just go in. Be prepared for prices that seem unreal.

Be prepared for shining examples of German efficiency everywhere.  Deposit a quarter to get a carriage, excellent idea.( You need to put away your carriage to get the quarter back) Having a cashier sitting instead of standing (better ergonomics) and to boot he is loading your cart as well from that position. From those two ideas alone they save themselves atleast 4 employees on shift.

The brands arent exactly “name” brands. But if you can deal with a bit of schnitzel youll fit right in.  Milk and eggs alone woll save you close to 2 dollars each time you go. I myself have always loved European brands and these ones are the better if them. Just try the Pretzel chips….

You need this store. It will save you money. Petition the corporate office to open one in your town. You will be glad you did. This company has found a way to defeat our recession and we should jump on board!


Here is a store locator so you can find one!

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