Eye Catching Japanese Man Hole Covers? You Bet!

The japanese have a unique spin on everything and manhole covers is no exception. Some truly excellent pieces of artwork are depicted on manhole covers all over the cities in Japan. There is an extensive collection at http://www.flickr.com/groups/japanese_manhole_covers/pool/. Check them out, you will be glad you did!


Classes Of Koi Fish

I have embarked on the wonderful world of owning and caring for Koi fish. A beautiful, graceful and forceful fish with the most incredible style. The Koi in many Asian cultures represents balance as two fish swim circling one another. You can clearly see how these amazing fish have come to garner such importance when you own one. Here is a chart showing each unique type of Koi. Maybe you will consider one of these amazing fish for your own life.


Thanks to forever-mango.com for the great chart!

Vibration Pillow

Am amazing creation from designer Seung Jun Jeong, the vibration/alarm pillow is a logical advancement to the alarm clock. The user sets the time and is awakened to a rhythmic vibration sure to make the eyes spring open. Check it out over at http://www.yankodesign.com/2010/10/05/alarm-clocks-are-so-redundant%E2%80%A6/

Concept Cars From The Asian Rim

Very Strange Japanese Mutton Beef Ad

I was really taken back when I saw the marketing strategies applied to this instruction manual for cooking Genghiskhan Mutton Beef. Japanese people must believe we were taught Ebonics in school. A real eye opener. Fizzle to da sizzle!



It gets crazy hot!


Obviously the Japanese like to inhale beef rather than eat it.


Watch out for the ladies while cooking! (or the next “party”)


It’s a beef hurricane!


Strangely enough? Hmmm….MSG. I think your hooked on the junk, and to boot you have a pan on top of your head.

American Propaganda WW1-WW2

As I continue with the propaganda theme I set up last week with the Soviet propaganda I come to our homeland, the U.S.A. The propaganda machine ran at full steam all through both World Wars. The Unites States’ propaganda is in my opinion right on level with the Soviet type. It really echoes the feeling of being scared and vengeful for what had already happened. It also casts stereotypes like they are going out of style of all the Axis powers. Nowadays this would be completely unheard of in our politically correct world. It shows the the anger that the government really wanted to instill in us to go enlist and fight. Here is my collection I’ve found over the years showcasing the American propaganda machine.

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