Sunrise At Minot Ledge Light, Scituate, Massachusetts

Sunrise at Minot Light. Photo taken by Jean Milch. Provided via the “Visit Massachusetts” Facebook page.


Gulf UFO’s Adding Up To A Big Mystery

Something is happening in the Naples/Marco Island area of Florida………I am an avid listener of the Coast to Coast radio program with George Noory, and during the course of the last year became acquainted with the events unfolding in Western coastal Florida. Linda Moulton Howe ( reported that scores of people were reporting lights and gyroscope looking objects rising out of the water and staying airborne for hours, hovered. They even sometimes maneuvered in impossible ways! These reports were backed up by public officials such as firefighting and police detachments.

My question. Where is the major media coverage this story deserves? Where are the major networks? ABC, NBC, CBS,CNN,FOX??????? This is a truly unknown phenomena which deserves some research in its direction. These reports are continuing with this phenomena in no sign of stopping. Residents have even been known to watch it till daybreak. The following gallery are pictures I have collected in my research of the Marco Island/Isle Of Capri events. Take a look and see if this visited you every night, would you speak up and tell the world?

A Boat Built To Sink

Wonders never cease. Artist Julien Berthier, obviously an artist of boats, built a ship looking like its perpetually sinking. It has a fully functional and shipshape bottom. One can only imagine the price it was to put it into fabrication. Here are some excellent photos of it as well as a picture of it docked in a marina (hillarious).


Fort Baldwin – A Piece Of Maine’s Military History


I recently visited to document Fort Baldwin in Popham Beach, ME. For those going down to take a look this is a lengthy drive down the penninsula. The site is extremely well preserved and one can walk through almost all of the buildings to explore. Sadly the fire tower was not open at the end of the path. Here is a Wikipedia roundup of it………….

Fort Baldwin, a coastal defense land battery near the mouth of the Kennebec River in Phippsburg, Maine, United States, was named after Jeduthan Baldwin, an engineer for the Colonial army during the American Revolution. The fort was constructed between 1905 and 1912 and originally consisted of three batteries, all of which were removed in July 1924:

  • Battery Cogan with two three-inch guns. Named in honor of a lieutenant in the 5th Continental Infantry during the American Revolution. Cogan, who had also been quartermaster of the 1st New Hamsphire Regiment, died August 21, 1778.
  • Battery Hawley with two six-inch pedestal guns. This battery also housed the fort’s original observation station and electric equipment. Named in honor of Brigadier General Joseph R. Hawley who served with distinction during the American Civil War.
  • Battery Hardman with one six-inch pedestal gun. Named in honor of a Captain in the 2nd Maryland Regiment, Continental Army during the American Revolution. Hardman was taken prisoner at Camden, South Carolina and died while a prisoner of war on September 1, 1780.

During World War I, Fort Baldwin and Fort Popham held a garrison of 200 soldiers including the 13th and 29th Coast Artillery.

During World War II, between 1941 and 1943, D Battery, 8th Coast Artillery protected Fort Baldwin and its Fire Control Tower that could radio the precise position of enemy vessels to batteries in Casco Bay.


Sampling Of Sterogram Images

I found these on Stumbleupon one day and it really changed my opinion of stereograms. After viewing the underwater ones that follow I found the terrain picture that is above. According to Wikipedia the deffinition is as follows…..

stereogram is an optical illusion of depth created from flat, two-dimensional image or images. Originally, stereogram referred to a pair of stereo images which could be viewed using stereoscope. Other types of stereograms include anaglyphs and autostereograms.

Stereogram was discovered by Charles Wheatstone in 1838. He found an explanation of binocular visionwhich led him to construct a stereoscope based on a combination of prisms and mirrors to allow a person to see 3D images from two 2D pictures.

Stereograms were re-popularized by the creation of autostereogram on computers, where a 3D image is hidden in a single 2D image, until the viewer focuses the eyes correctly. The Magic Eye series is a popular example of this. Magic Eye books refer to autostereograms as stereograms, leading most people to believe that the word stereogram is synonymous to autostereogram.

Salvador Dalí created some impressive stereograms in his exploration in a variety of optical illusions.

The effect does wonders to the fish and environment in the deep sea photos. To look at these excellent underwater stereograms you must go from staring straight and then crossing yor eyes. That middle spot is where the magic happens. Sort of like adjusting the lens to make the picture clear in a photo. Once you start to see something try to concentrate and focus on just that image, it really brings it out. It trully is quite a quest to explain to others on how to do it. I only hope this helped some to experience a really cool effect and go and find some more stereograms for themselves.

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