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Project : 1969 Ford F 100 Ranger

I recently purchased a 1969 Ford Ranger. The original engine was swapped out with a fairly newly rebuilt 403 Oldsmobile engine. The 403 is actually quite an interesting engine due to the fact that the cylinders are “siamesed” which restricts the coolant flow between by the cylinders. The engines are quite well known for just “running hot”. The Oldsmobile engine meant the drive train was swapped out in favor of the TH-350 transmission. The truck actually has a floor shifter from a Mustang attached to the tranny. a very interesting mating combination.That also with the fact that it has a swapped in 9″ rear end and seats from a Chevy truck and this is quite a mash-up. It works well together though. My plans are to refit the top end of the engine completely Edelbrock because luckily I have a lot of the needed equipment in my own stock. I do find it to be a bit low. Could go with a subtle lift.  These are the pics I took of it before I bought it. I will follow soon with some updated pictures.

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