Some Cold War Ads


Brilliant Cityscapes

Here is a great collection of cityscape walls/images as was requested a while ago. Enjoy!

Man Enters Space, April 12, 1961

Marijuana AD Campaign (FOR)

Health Benefits



Marijuana vs. Alcohol





Shot Of The Mexican Border

The shot above was taken on the San Diego/Tijuana border. Amazing contrast between two urban metro area’s.

Woman Buys Novelty Grenade Only To Find Out It Is Real



FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla.  — The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office bomb squad was called to Flagler County on Monday morning to dispose of a hand grenade that had been bought at an estate sale, deputies said.

Deputies said a woman on San Pablo Court in the Hammock Beach area told them she had purchased the grenade thinking it was a novelty cigarette lighter.

She contacted the Sheriff’s Office just before 11 a.m., when she determined that it might actually be a grenade, deputies said.

Deputies said the firing pin had been pulled out of the grenade and apparently replaced. The bomb squad disposed of the grenade about 1 p.m. in an isolated area.

Updated NORML Map – November 2010

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