Branded Babies?



The World Of Garbage Pail Kids Revisited

Truly some of the most revolting, but yet catchy artwork has been from the series “Garbage Pail Kids”. These scenes of disgusting kids became wildly popular in the 1980’s in the United States. The trading cards were stickers as well so you could share the horror with others in public places (mostly not at the request of the property owner). Here are sets 1 and 2 in all there putrid glory.


Night Shift 1911

Oldest Known Tornado Photograph

Smoking And Drinking AD’s Of The Past

Flashback To The 1931 Maine Central Railroad Schedule


The Glamorous Skoda Limousine Made By Craftsmen In Czechoslovakia (Repost)

I rarely do a “copy and paste” re post, but I really feel the author of this page, did a great job with it. Check out the orange carpet inside and surround sound system. Truly at the top its class, whatever that is. I was laughing for a while.

Skoda Limousine
Czech technology for those with champagne tastes on a beer belly budget!
Skoda looks to attract young buyers with stylish Czech Limo…

Introducing the Skoda Limousine!

A line of incomparable purity…

The work of master craftsmen…

Truly panoramic glass sunroof…

A real statement when you arrive…

21st Century engine technology…

An elegance of a bygone era…

The ultimate in interior class…

State of the art multimedia & surround sound system…

A dashboard to make James Bond envious!

Project : 1969 Ford F 100 Ranger

I recently purchased a 1969 Ford Ranger. The original engine was swapped out with a fairly newly rebuilt 403 Oldsmobile engine. The 403 is actually quite an interesting engine due to the fact that the cylinders are “siamesed” which restricts the coolant flow between by the cylinders. The engines are quite well known for just “running hot”. The Oldsmobile engine meant the drive train was swapped out in favor of the TH-350 transmission. The truck actually has a floor shifter from a Mustang attached to the tranny. a very interesting mating combination.That also with the fact that it has a swapped in 9″ rear end and seats from a Chevy truck and this is quite a mash-up. It works well together though. My plans are to refit the top end of the engine completely Edelbrock because luckily I have a lot of the needed equipment in my own stock. I do find it to be a bit low. Could go with a subtle lift.  These are the pics I took of it before I bought it. I will follow soon with some updated pictures.

American Propaganda WW1-WW2

As I continue with the propaganda theme I set up last week with the Soviet propaganda I come to our homeland, the U.S.A. The propaganda machine ran at full steam all through both World Wars. The Unites States’ propaganda is in my opinion right on level with the Soviet type. It really echoes the feeling of being scared and vengeful for what had already happened. It also casts stereotypes like they are going out of style of all the Axis powers. Nowadays this would be completely unheard of in our politically correct world. It shows the the anger that the government really wanted to instill in us to go enlist and fight. Here is my collection I’ve found over the years showcasing the American propaganda machine.

Soviet Propaganda Posters

In my college years in Quinsigamond College in Worcester, I studied and did a project on Soviet Cubism and the design elements of Soviet-era art/propaganda. I was always intrigued by the power of the block elements incorporated within the art. Here are some good examples I’ve come across over my time collecting them via the web.

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