Beautiful, Historic Worcester Common!

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Shanghai, 1990 – 2010

Eastern Orthodox Iconography

Growing up as  Ukrainian Orthodox, I often looked upon and pondered the icons that were literally everywhere. The composition and actual illustration of these pieces was incredible. This started my fascination with iconography and still to this day fuels it. Hopefully these images will get someone else hooked as well.

Here is a collection of some excellent pieces to give a wide example.

Sunrise At Minot Ledge Light, Scituate, Massachusetts

Sunrise at Minot Light. Photo taken by Jean Milch. Provided via the “Visit Massachusetts” Facebook page.

Brilliant Cityscapes

Here is a great collection of cityscape walls/images as was requested a while ago. Enjoy!

Looking Up?


Silo Home To Protect You From Thermonuclear Attack For Only 1.75 Million Dollars!

As the world gets crazier so do the homes we live in. This “silo” home is currently on the market for 1.75 million. Pocket change for a silo that took millions to build. Located in the Adirondack’s in upstate New York it is perfectly placed for seclusion. Especially when you  have hoards of mutants running around outside……….

Check out for more info and purchasing.

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