Images Of Worcester, Massachusetts


Historical Backgrounds Of Massachsuetts Place Names

Night Shift 1911

Images From Greenwood, Maine

Recently I moved from the busy metropolis of Auburn to the sleepy village of Greenwood City. A town that has even crossed paths with legendary figure L.L. Bean. Here are some images from my first shoot there. A place to be proud to call home.

Maine Lost Towns

I have spent 2 years so far reaching into the remotest areas of Western Maine to find towns that not just anybody travels through. These places offer great intrigue to me from their historical value. I put together a gallery of some of my work so far.

The Mahoosuc Mountains Of Maine

Grafton Notch State Park – A Wild To Be Enjoyed By All



During the past weekend I had the pleasure of taking a trip up north in my home state of Maine to almost the Canadian border. Here lies a true natural hideaway that not everyone knows about, Grafton Notch State Park.

For all of you that do not know what a notch is…well it’s a New England/New Hampshire term for a pass through the  mountains. I’ve told people “notch” and have gotten many confused looks.

The state park encompasses an assortment of unique landmmarks/attractions to delight any day hike. I recommend Screw Auger Falls. It is trully breathtaking.



Grafton Notch State Park is located on Route 26 between Newry and Upton, Maine, and offers opportunities for sightseeing, picnicking, and hiking on its 3,000 acres of beautiful natural terrain.

Several interesting attractions are conveniently located on scenic Route 26. Interpretive signs explain the glacial sculpting of Screw Auger Falls and the formation of Mother Walker Falls. A quarter-mile loop trail leads to Moose Cave with its narrow gorge and lush lichens and mosses. At Spruce Meadow and Screw Auger Falls visitors will find picnic tables and grills.

Both short and long day hikes extend through this spectacular, scenic area at the end of the Mahoosuc Range. The 2,000-mile Appalachian Trail passes through the park on the way to the trail’s northern terminus, Mt. Katahdin. Facilities include picnic tables and grills. In the winter, a main artery snowmobile trail (ITS 82) traverses the park and is maintained by a local snowmobile club.

3,112 acres; Sights include: Screw Auger Falls, Spruce Meadow, Mother Walker Falls, Old Speck Mountain, and Moose Cave.

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