The World Of Garbage Pail Kids Revisited

Truly some of the most revolting, but yet catchy artwork has been from the series “Garbage Pail Kids”. These scenes of disgusting kids became wildly popular in the 1980’s in the United States. The trading cards were stickers as well so you could share the horror with others in public places (mostly not at the request of the property owner). Here are sets 1 and 2 in all there putrid glory.



Inspirational Posters Redeux

Remember, Lace Is Very Handy For That Boy In Your Life

Very Strange Japanese Mutton Beef Ad

I was really taken back when I saw the marketing strategies applied to this instruction manual for cooking Genghiskhan Mutton Beef. Japanese people must believe we were taught Ebonics in school. A real eye opener. Fizzle to da sizzle!



It gets crazy hot!


Obviously the Japanese like to inhale beef rather than eat it.


Watch out for the ladies while cooking! (or the next “party”)


It’s a beef hurricane!


Strangely enough? Hmmm….MSG. I think your hooked on the junk, and to boot you have a pan on top of your head.

Man Found Dead At Desk At Work Untouched For 5 Days!


Right In Time For Christmas Shopping-Playmobil Security Check Point

It’s Christmas time again and whats for sale on but a security checkpoint. Boy in 7 years has security become ingrained into American culture. Great for aspiring homeland security agents!

Here is the link to the product for sale…..

A VW Jetta’s Amazing Weight Capacity or How Stupid Can A Person Be?

I do not know the legitamacy of this photo, but just the chance that it is indeed real was reason enough for me to publish it on my site. The fact that the photographer felt compeled to buy a camera just for the ocasion. These people  obviously planned this out very, very well…..


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